Musicians, just like soldiers or cops, need to have an extensive arsenal of equipment. Aside from the main instruments they use, such as drums, keyboards or guitars, they also have to use a plethora of various accessories to produce a better and more distinct sound.

A guitar is one of those music instruments that come with a vast array of the different accessories and additional tools. While the majority of guitar accessories are optional, there are those that are considered essential. If you are a guitar novice, who’s not quite familiar with these, read on because we will provide a short guitar accessories list, one that you will certainly find useful.

Guitar picks

22huipuLet’s start simple. You can hardly find a guitar player who doesn’t prefer playing their guitar with a pick. These come in different thickness variants for various uses. For novices, thin or medium picks are recommended, since they are best suited for strumming. Thicker picks, which go from 0.70mm to 1.5 mm, are mostly used for lead playing and single notes. Keep in mind that thinner picks allow for a smoother sound and more flexibility. If you are unsure about the thickness of the picks, you can easily buy some different ones, since they are very cheap.


If you intend on playing an electric guitar, which is heavier than an acoustic one, make sure to get a strap. It will allow you to control the guitar much more easily and stretch your arms. Since straps sometimes tend to slip off the guitar peg, consider adding strap locks, as well. Straps, just like picks, are highly affordable, so don’t hesitate to buy some them, so as to personalize your guitar.

A stand

This accessory is considered a must-have by many guitarists. It is also very useful for beginners, during their learning process. The main purpose of a guitar stand is to protect your guitar by supporting its neck and base. Also, by having a dedicated storage place for your guitar, other than leaning it on a desk or wall, you can effectively protect your instrument from dust and damage, as well as prevent any accidents.

A guitar case

If you are a traveling musician, one of your key accessories should be a guitar case. It can also be useful if you need some other storage place, other than your guitar case. Soft-cased gig cases are flexible and light, which makes them the perfect option for electric guitars. When looking for an appropriate case, make sure it comes with quality padding, which will protect your instrument from all kinds of little knocks and bumps. For an acoustic guitar, consider going with a hard case, unless you don’t travel a lot and don’t have to carry your guitar very often. Even though hard cases are heavier and bulkier, keep in mind that acoustic guitars are much more delicate and fragile than electric ones, which makes them more susceptible to damage.

A tuner

33lkfgiojfLast, but not least, consider purchasing a quality tuner. This is a very useful tool, especially if you lack a good ear pitch. Keeping your guitar well-tuned is a must and tuning is one of the most frequent activities guitarists do, aside from the playing, of course. If you are a novice, go with an electronic tuner. This tuner is the easiest one to use, as it uses green and red lights that indicate whether the sound is sharp, flat or just right.